Cycles of Life an Astrological Perspective

Ever feel like it was Groundhog Day? That you were experiencing the same thing over and over again? The people and the location might be different or perhaps they’re not, regardless the theme is the same? Something that you haven’t … Read More

Mantras for Balancing Planetary Karma

The planetary alignments in our birth charts provide unique challenges and lessons for each of us.  Sanskrit mantras can be used to ease the difficult alignments you have been blessed with and change your planetary karma.  I encourage you to … Read More

Seven Principles to Live By

When I completed my Kahuna Massage training I was introduced to the following seven principles and something within me went hazar! I had unconsciously being following these principles my entire life, and in bringing them to my conscious awareness their … Read More

Hiking the Larapinta Trail

The Larapinta Trail covers 223kms of vast rugged country in Central Australia. Traversing the West MacDonnell National Park form East to West, it is not for the faint hearted. Journal Entries: Celebrate Yourself

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