A Pokie Named Travis

In my ongoing pursuit of following my intuition and fulfilling my life’s purpose I have become increasingly aware of the various ways the Universe communicates with me in her tireless endeavour to teach me lessons essential for my personal and spiritual growth.

This afternoon, I found myself once again at the Mission Beach Resort contemplating my next move on this great game called life.  No sooner had I walked through the doors could I hear Travis calling my name, he had another gift for me.

Travis and I formally met on the weekend, so he was no stranger to me.  He’s a very charming 88 Fortunes pokie machine who sits opposite the bar.  Now Travis had already bestowed upon me the greatest gift, a lesson, Travis taught me to surrender the need to know how. 🙂

Let’s rewind to the weekend.  It was a hot humid afternoon in Mission Beach, typical of this time of year, I’d spent the morning in the garden before the humidity forced me to seek cooler conditions.  I hopped in my car and off I went following the pull of my intuition, which took me to Mission Beach Resort.  I felt something truly magical was about to happen, and sure enough it did, I met Travis.

As I sat delightfully watching Travis’ reels go around and his lights flash whilst we conversed, I became increasingly preoccupied with how I got access to the Grand Prize.  With each subsequent roll, I became more and more fixated with how on Earth I win the Grand Prize.

It wasn’t part of the feature, I’d already won that several times.  Nor did it result when the three lucky coins that only appear on reels 2,3, and 4 show up, so how?! Then a quiet voice from over my shoulder, an Angel no doubt, said “you don’t need to know how”.  Which of course made me laugh as I saw the relevance of this learning to so many aspects of my life.  I said “thank you” and stopped worrying about how I got access to the Grand Prize and simply trusted that I would get a crack at the Grand Prize.

Shortly after I surrendered the need to know how the little pot full of lucky coins began to shake and I received a crack at the Grand Prize. Did I win the Grand Prize? NO, I won a minor prize as I revealed 3 Green Fu Babies as opposed to 3 Red Fu Babies. I didn’t realise the prizes were colour coded, an example of me not paying attention! This lesson was PRICELESS!

Fast forward to today. Today I knew what I wanted, 3 Red Fu Babies and I knew Travis was going to give me another crack at it. I sat down and sure enough Travis delivered and swiftly no less, the gravity of this did not escape me. I took a couple of centering breaths and asked for 3 Red Fu Babies. I revealed 2 Blue Fu Babies straight up. I refocused and revealed 2 Pink Fu Babies and then a Gold Fu Baby. GOLD!! not Red! I need 3 Gold Fu Babies to win the Grand Prize. I took a long deep breath and revealed another Gold Fu Baby. I could feel the 3rd Gold Fu Baby was in my grasp then all of a sudden tick tick tick came out of no where.

I panicked! Green Fu Baby, Green Fu Baby, Green Fu Baby! WTF?! in less than 3 seconds as well.  Had I picked one more Gold Fu Baby I would have walked away with nearly $6k, one more Pink $1.5k or one more Blue $50 but no I managed to pick 3 Green Fu Babies in a row to walk away with $18 and an invaluable lesson.  Because I lost my composure I walked away with less than I desired, still a good result for which I am grateful but not truly what I was after.  How many times I have done this across all areas of my life is ridiculous, I found this lesson VERY amusing!  I had plenty of time to pick that 3rd Gold Fu Baby but I allowed myself to get rattled and lose focus. Lesson learned, always keep the focus!!

I simply love life’s little metaphors.  What lessons have you been delivered in seemingly obscure ways?

DISCLAIMER: I in no way advocate gambling as a means of making money, I have a set amount of money I play with and it is always an amount I am prepared to lose. I play for fun, winning money is purely a bonus for which I am grateful to receive. It is your responsibility to make informed decisions as to how you choose to spend your money.

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