Seven Principles to Live By

When I completed my Kahuna Massage training I was introduced to the following seven principles and something within me went hazar! I had unconsciously being following these principles my entire life, and in bringing them to my conscious awareness their … Read More

A Note From Rumi

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. – Rumi I simply L❤VE the ‘On this Day’ feature of Facebook! It makes such … Read More

Rocking Out to Raise Your Vibration

Every now and then I fall into a wee little slump and ask myself what on earth am I doing?!  Today was such a day. My entrepreneurial vagabond lifestyle is not without its challenges and the past twelve months has … Read More

A Pokie Named Travis

In my ongoing pursuit of following my intuition and fulfilling my life’s purpose I have become increasingly aware of the various ways the Universe communicates with me in her tireless endeavour to teach me lessons essential for my personal and … Read More

Celebrate Yourself

I recently returned prematurely from what was supposed to be a 12 day trek along the iconic Larapinta Trail in the Central Australian Desert. I have been looking forward to doing this hike for nearly 10 years and was super … Read More

Swimming with Whale Sharks

MA & PA KETTLE COME TO VISIT Exmouth, Western Australia I have been living in Exmouth for a couple of months now working as an Enviro at the HEH Naval Base so my parents decided to pay me a visit … Read More