Celebrate Yourself

I recently returned prematurely from what was supposed to be a 12 day trek along the iconic Larapinta Trail in the Central Australian Desert. I have been looking forward to doing this hike for nearly 10 years and was super excited to finally have someone to do it with me.

A 12 day hike in the desert is no small undertaking and hiking is not for everyone, especially an extended trip in the desert so I briefed my companion thoroughly ensuring she knew exactly what she was getting herself into. This hike was always going to be physically demanding with some long 30km days, but the mental challenge of such a hike was likely to be more difficult.

There will be no showers and we will be cooking and carrying all of our own gear. Water is also scarce at various points so we will have to carry up to 10L each during some sections, our packs will weigh 25kg and there will be minimal shade. We will cover 223kms in 12 days.

The hike was over in less than three days.

I consider myself to be an extremely strong, independent, confident and adventurous woman, I have met countless beautiful women on my journey who have said they wish they could be more like me. My friend is one of these women, unfortunately she perhaps thought that if she did all the things that I do she would become strong, independent, confident, adventurous and happy like I am.

But by embarking on a 12 day trek in the Central Australian Desert she was going against everything that she is and in doing so created a situation in which she was completely and wildly out of her comfort zone, exploiting every single weakness that she has, further undermining her own self confidence and rendering her completely and utterly dependent on me for her physical, emotional, mental wellbeing and survival.

Everybody has their weaknesses and many believe that these are what need to be worked on. i disagree, we need to be aware of our weaknesses for sure but play to our strengths, this is where the magic happens. This is where the confidence and belief in ourselves comes from. This is how we lead a happy and adventurous life in a form perfectly suited to us.

As it turns out, my friend does not enjoy hard, prolonged physical exercise, dirt, insects, native rodents, snakes, prolonged heat, absence of showers or carrying more than 5kg and has no intuitive survival or navigation skills whatsoever. So a 12 day, 223km trek in the Central Australian Desert carrying 25kg is NOT an adventure she should have ever undertaken.

I on the other hand love trekking, I have been doing it my entire life. I love pushing my mind and body and seeing what I am capable of. I love dirt, insects and animals and don’t really care whether I have a shower or not. Body aches and pains are just that, after a couple of days your body gets used to it. Your body will do whatever your mind tells it, that is my philosophy anyway.

My friend like all women, and men, is a truly beautiful soul. But by undertaking an activity that was not in alignment with her true self it exploited her weaknesses, undermining her confidence further as she compared herself to me, she felt inadequate and useless.

My friend is neither inadequate or useless, she is just not a hiker whereas I am, that is all! One of my favourite quotes from Albert Einstein sums it up beautifully.

If you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will spend it’s whole life believing it is stupid

We are our own biggest critics, and by comparing ourselves to others we do ourselves a massive disservice. We are all unique, we are all beautiful and we all have our own calling.

Celebrate yourself! If you are a “princess”, own it! celebrate it! There is nothing wrong with it! Never compare yourself to other people. If you have to have shower every day otherwise your world falls apart then that is just fine but do not put yourself in situations where you can’t have one, especially if it results in a complete breakdown. Always be true to yourself and love yourself unconditionally and you will be happy, confident and adventurous and live a life that YOU are truly passionate about.

The Journey isn’t about becoming something, it is about unbecoming everything that isn’t you so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place!

Celebrate yourself! xo

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