Rocking Out to Raise Your Vibration

Every now and then I fall into a wee little slump and ask myself what on earth am I doing?!  Today was such a day.

My entrepreneurial vagabond lifestyle is not without its challenges and the past twelve months has certainly dealt me a number of personal challenges on the emotional front, Kundalini Awakening is no gentle process!  My warrior spirit is strong and I am blessed with an eternal optimism care of my Sagittarius Rising which always inevitably gets the job done.  But in those moments when I’m in a mire of indecision, thank you stellium in libra, I need to draw on external resources and music is what always gets me through, providing me with clarity, passion and utter freaking joy.

Music is food for the soul!

Today a cloud of confusion and doubt descended over my entire being like a thick morning fog.  Accustomed to the bright sunshine that is my usual temperament I was not pleased to find myself still surrounded in fog by the time lunchtime dawned. There are two things in this world that will pull me out of a slump and catapult me back into the high vibrations of love and joy in mere moments and that is singing and dancing!  So without further adieu I cranked up Pat Benatar’s All Fired Up, which forms part of the playlist for my Aqua Aerobics class, and started jumping around like a lunatic.  Musing over the lyrics and their appropriateness at this point in my journey I can only smile at the beauty that is my life.  SO whenever you’re feeling a little low or just spending too much time in your head crank up the tunes and dance like nobody is watching! Be a dag, jump around like a lunatic, laugh, cry, do what ever you need to do to release all that pent up emotion that is keeping you stuck.

…Now I believe there comes a time when everything falls in line…

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Sending so much love and hugs to everyone on their beautiful journey. xo

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